Pay Run List


The 'Pay Run' tab lists the pay runs and allows you to create new pay runs. It can be accessed by clicking the 'Pay Run' tab on your payroll dashboard:



 The Pay Run dashboard contains the following detail:

  • It will show the ten most recent pay runs. The list is organised in descending month order, however, unfinalised pay runs are grouped together at the top. To see more pay runs, click on the next page icon located in the bottom right hand corner. If you click on the cog icon to the right, you are able to extend the pay run view to show not only 10 lines, but also 30 and 100 pay run lines.


  • You are able to filter the view showing 'All pay runs', 'Finalised pay runs' or 'Unfinalised pay runs'


  • You are able to further filter the view by selecting 'All pay schedules', or a specific pay schedule




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