Terminating an Employee


There are two ways you can terminate an employee.

  1. Within the employee file
  2. Within a pay run

Terminating an Employee within the Employee File

The first, and simplest way is to open up the employee file, click on the “details” section and down the bottom of the page you’ll see a “Terminate Employee” button

Clicking this button simply marks the employee as inactive and will no longer be eligible for pay runs.

Please note that terminating an employee will not process a termination payment.


Terminating an employee via the pay run

To do this, click on the employee within the pay run and then from the blue “Actions” button select “Terminate Employee”


The employee record will then turn red and will display earnings and accrued leave. When you click save, any relevant termination payments will be calculated for the employee. The break down of payments (and associated hours) will be detailed and include:

  • Annual Leave payout - must check box.

  • Option for Sick Leave to be paid out (must check the box for this to occur).


Once you have finalised the pay run, this employee will no longer be active or eligible to be included in pay runs and the employee line will be highlighted red. 

Note: If there are any unfinalised pay run for the employee, you will not be able to terminate until those pay runs have been finalised. 

If you want to cancel the termination, you simply have to unlock the finalised pay run, click on the relevant employee and click the blue "Actions" box. From here, click the "Cancel Termination" button.


If you have any questions or concerns on terminating employees, please drop us a line via support@yourpayroll.co.uk 

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