How do I process an 'Ad hoc' Pay Run


Creating an 'Ad hoc' pay run is as simple as ticking a box when creating a normal pay run:

1. Create a pay run

Now, create a new pay run as per normal. When creating the pay run, be sure to select 'Manually add employees to this pay run'.

2. Add any required employees

Click the 'Add Employees' button and then select any employees that you would like to include in the pay run.


2.1 Click the 'Add Some Employees' link

or go to the Pay Run Actions tab and select "AddEmployees"

2.2 Add required employees


Select an employee that you would like to add to the pay run and click 'Add Employee'. Repeat for any additional employees that you would like to add.

Once you have finished adding employees, click 'Close'

Go ahead and make the adjustments you need to in this pay run but please be aware - if the adjustments you make result in nil earnings for the employee (eg. you are simply reversing out earnings paid with one pay category so you can put them in again using a different pay category) you will need to add an explanatory note on the employee's pay run record or the data will disappear when you finalise the pay run (because no activity will be detected in that pay run record).

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