Employee Management Access


A common scenario for many businesses, is that the team that processes the payroll is not the same team that should be approving leave requests or approving timesheets.

These non-payroll people need a facility to create and/or approve other areas of employee management (such as leave, expenses, timesheets and rosters) without having unrestricted access to the payroll system. Additionally, the people approving leave requests, timesheets, etc are often employees themselves.

To address this requirement, you can create Restricted User access via the 'Manage Users' payroll settings. Detailed instructions in setting this up can be found here.  

Employee Management Portal

When the employee manager (i.e. restricted user) logs in, they will have access to the Employee Management portal and can navigate the different functionality based on the permissions they have been granted. 


In this article, we have explained how to create employee groups and how to grant users management access to employees and/or locations.

Enabling managers / team leaders to manage facets of the business takes a lot of the burden off the payroll team and business owners and allows the business (and payroll system) to scale up accordingly.

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