Approving Employee Timesheets


Managers can approve timesheets on behalf of employees in the employee management area. This is accessible by clicking the "Manage Employees" button, then "Approve Timesheets":


This page will show the timesheets that are awaiting approval within a specified date range.

There are several options for grouping the timesheets to fit in with your preferred workflow:

  • group by Date
  • group by Default Location
  • group by Employee
  • group by Location
  • group by Pay Schedule
  • group by Work Type

Additionally, the timesheets may be filtered by:

  • Date
  • Status
  • Employee
  • Location
  • Employee Group

If you want more flexibility with dates while filtering, you can select the "Show timesheets for period" option which will give you a wider range of dates as well as the option to enter a custom period:

The approval process is very flexible. Timesheets may be selected individually, by clicking on an individual timesheet line or as a group, by clicking on the group header. Once you have selected the desired timesheets, you may approve or reject the timesheets by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the page.

If there is no specific selection, clicking the 'Approve'  or 'Reject' button will apply the action to all (unapproved) timesheets.

Viewing Documents

Timesheets that have a document attached will have the "link" icon showing. You can view the attachment by clicking on the link

Deleting Timesheets

Deleting timesheets is also very easy. Simply select the applicable timesheets using the same method as approving/rejecting and then click the 'Delete timesheets' button.

Note that once timesheets have been included in a pay run, they will have a status of 'Processed' and cannot be deleted.

Editing Timesheets

Timesheets that are in the 'Submitted' state are able to be edited. To do so, click on the pencil icon on the right of the timesheet line.

An editor will be displayed, allowing the user to modify the timesheet as necessary. Make any required changes and then click 'Save'.

Comparing with Rostering

For businesses that utilise the Rostering function, it is possible to compare the timesheets entered with the rostered shifts. To do so, click the 'Compare with Roster' button.

Doing so will show the rostered shift alongside the timesheet. Any differences will be highlighted in blue.

  • An orange 'warning' sign indicates that the timesheet is different to the rostered shift.
  • A red 'exclamation' mark indicates that there was no rostered shifts that correspond with the timesheet.
  • A green 'tick' indicates that the timesheet matches the rostered shift.

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