This screen allows you to assign locations to employees which can later be used to report the labour costs of each location. NB. A location doesn't have to be a "geographical place" it could be a branch of your business.

The settings for Locations can be accessed and updated by clicking on the '
Business' tab at the top of the screen and selecting the 'Payroll Settings' option.  The 'Locations' page is under the 'Pay Run Settings' heading 

To add a New Location you enter the following information:

  • Location Name (required field)
  • If you want it to be a sub location of another location
  • Whether or not you want the location available to all employees
  • If the location correlates with a record in another system
  • Whether or not you want sub locations to report to this location. - when this is enabled, report will not split data into sublocations under this location. All report data will be "rolled up" and included in this location.


Once locations have been added they appear slightly differently depending on the settings that you have chosen for them, For example:

  • If you have selected that it be available to all employees, an asterisk will display next to it. 
  • If you have not selected that it be available to all employees, no asterisk will display next to it. 
  • The parent location will show at the top, with the sub-locations indented underneath. Additional sub-locations are further indented. E.g. "Test" location is a sub-location of "Kitchen", which is a sub-location of "Kook Pty Ltd".

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