Pay Schedules - Set Up


Pay schedules are used to set up pay runs. The pay schedule's settings are used each pay run to calculate what to pay employees. 

There is no limit on the number of pay schedules you can create and they can be configured for any combination of pay frequencies so you can have multiple weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay schedules all running at the same time.

The settings for Pay Schedules can be accessed and updated by clicking on the '
Payroll Settings' tab of your payroll dashboard then choose Pay Schedules from the list under the heading Pay Run Settings:


This section allows you to enter the following details:

  • Name (required)
  • Frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly, four weekly, quarterly or anually) NB. this dictates the tax calculation.
  • Included Employees  - Can choose from 'This pay schedule as their default' or 'Timesheets in the following locations'. You must enter a location for the latter to be chosen as an option. 

From the screen you are also able to delete the pay schedule by clicking on the red cross in the top right hand corner of the window. 


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