Business Details


Business details can be accessed and updated by clicking on the 'Business' tab at the top of the screen and selecting the 'Payroll Settings' option:

This page allows you to enter the following information:

  • Business Name - This is the name that will be shown throughout the system (required field)
  • Legal Name - The name that will be shown on any pay slips that you generate
  • CRN (required field)
  • Postcode/Town
  • Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email Address: All outgoing emails are sent from the email address set up in the “Contact Email Address” 
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Fax Number
  • Standard Hours Per Day (required)
  • Work week
  • External ID
  • Allow SMS notifications - Check this to allow the system to send SMS notifications to employees on your behalf 
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