Employee Details Report


The employee details report allows you to get access to a detailed view of your employee data in a simple, customisable way.

You can access the employee details report via the 'Reports' home page under the 'Employee' section:


The employee details report will give you the details for all employees matching the specified criteria but also allows you to pick the columns that you would like to display on the report.

The specific criteria you can select to tailor your report are as follows:

  • Employment Status: Choose from All, Currently Employment or Terminated;
  • Pay Schedule: If you have multiple pay schedules, you can filter the report by All or a specific pay schedule;
  • Employee Start Date: Choose from Any, Before, After or Between a specified start date;
  • Employee Default Location: If you have multiple locations, you can filter the report by All or a specific default location;   
  • Display Columns: To select columns for the report, simply click on the “Display Columns” list and a list of available columns will be displayed which you can choose from.


Once you’ve selected your criteria and columns for the report and generated it, you can bookmark the link to the report so it can be saved to be run later.

You can also choose to generate the report on screen and/or export via excel, CSV and PDF. 

If you have any questions or feedback on the employee details report, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.co.uk

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