Creating a Roster Template


The introduction of roster templates allows businesses to create a roster template or a library of roster templates that will allow you to:

  • Plan your resourcing requirements for certain events and/or projects in advance without affecting the standard roster;
  • Build the basis of the roster specific to the roles required and then assign staff at a later stage;
  • Cater for all different rostering scenarios applicable across the year in one location or all locations within a business;
  • Apply any template to the roster on multiple occasions and from any specific date.


In order to create a roster template, from your business dashboard go to the 'Manage Employees' tab and select 'Rostering':


On the Rostering page, you will now see a new icon for Roster Templates:

Clicking on this icon will take you to your existing roster templates and allow you to add a new template. The Roster Template page is differentiated from the actual Roster page by a yellow banner at the top:


Once you click the 'Add' button, you can start filling in the roster template by adding as many rows as you need.

To add a single row, click the plus button to the left of the 'Add Resource' option as shown below:


To add multiple rows (you can add up to 99 rows at a time) to the roster template, select the 'or multiple' option below the 'Add resource' option as show below:


Once you have created single or multiple resource lines, you can then click on the 'Resource' box and assign each row to:

(a) a specific employee;
(b) a specific role; or
(c) a general placeholder.


Additionally, you can choose to assign a role’s shifts to an employee by choosing from a list of 'recommended' and 'other' employees. Once assigned, the name of the role will be replaced by the employee's name, however, you can use the colour key as a guide to know what role has been assigned:


Who can create roster templates?

  • Full access users; and
  • Users with 'Manage Employee Rosters' access IF the business setting allows managers to edit roster templates. 

To activate the above setting, go to Payroll Settings > Rostering:


How do I apply the roster template?

Refer to Applying Roster Templates for specific instructions on this.


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