Changing from WorkZone to Swag - FAQ

On 12 October 2023, the WorkZone app will be replaced by Swag, which is available to download in the Google and Apple app stores. 


By replacing WorkZone with Swag it means all staff previously using WorkZone need to replace their current app too. They will find it a lot easier to use. We have provided information online for both you and them to find this transition as easy as possible.

  What is changing?  

From Thursday 12 October, we are decommissioning WorkZone. Just like in WorkZone, employees will be able to manage timesheets, submit leave, clock in and clock out, submit expenses and view payslips. Employers will be able to manage timesheets, rostering and approve leave in Swag. Users will experience an updated and refreshed user interface (UI) which means a more streamlined user experience. This change means that your employees will also get access to a range of benefits and discounts tailored specifically for our small business user community.  

Over the month of March, there will be a transition period to support the move of employees over to the Swag, with a goal to retire WorkZone permanently. Your employees will automatically receive mobile app notifications informing them to download Swag throughout the year. 

  Where can I find more resources for me and my employees?  

We have made a selection of Partner Resources available here.

You can visit the dedicated Swag Help Centre here. This is for both you and your employees. 

  What do I and my employees need to do?  

Download Swag from the Google and Apple App stores and then use your existing WorkZone login.

The good news is that not much is changing from a process perspective and we will provide you with everything you need to help your employees move to Swag. 

Users will receive a more seamless, engaging experience in the new app. 

All the features that are used in WorkZone will still be available, plus more functionality to come soon that will continue to improve the employee experience.

  How do users log into Swag?  

Users will be able to log into the app using their existing WorkZone credentials. The only change for users would be logging into Swag instead of WorkZone. 

  Can users access WorkZone after it retires?  

No, once WorkZone retires on 12 October 2023, it will no longer be available to use. That is why we recommend users download Swag as soon as possible.

  What functionality and benefits will be available in the new app?  

Swag retains the same functionality as WorkZone. See here for specific Swag information.

  Will all my WorkZone features still be available?  

Yes, all WorkZone features and functionality will be available. The user interface will be updated so WorkZone features will be found in the Work Tab. Please note Dark Mode and Custom Colour features will no longer be available. 

Worried about data retention? Read more in this FAQ here

  I used x functionality on WorkZone, but can’t find it in the new app?  

All workforce management features that were previously in WorkZone will be available. In the new app, however, where it is located may have changed. For example, pay slips are no longer accessed via the Employee File page, but can now be found in the horizontal navigation bar. If there is a feature that you can’t locate, please feel free to reach out to our support team to assist.

Read more about Work in Swag here.

  Can I just use some Swag features but not all of them?  

The app comes pre-built - not custom - so all of Swag is made available to you and your employees.

  I have installed Swag but we are having issues with x functionality.  

If you are having any functionality problems, please make sure you have the latest version installed from the app store - ie you have not missed an update since you last used the app. Also, if you are missing any of your usual timesheet or clock in/out functions please contact your system administrator to make sure they have the right settings activated. 

  Will updates I make on the new app update to my linked business?  

Yes, all changes made in the new app will also update to your linked business and the same will occur vice-versa. If changes are made on your linked business it will also reflect in the new app.

  Who do I contact for additional support?  

Please email submit a support ticket here with any questions relating to the transition to Swag. Your employees will need to reach out to you in the first instance for any questions they may have. 


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