Deducting Employee Hours when Applying Leave

You can reduce the amount an employees is paid when applying leave. This is particularly useful when applying leave without pay. You can reduce the amount of hours an employee is paid by following these simple steps:

  1. From the 'Business' menu, click 'Settings' and under Pay Run Settings click 'Leave Categories'
  2. Create a new leave category or select an existing leave category and under the “Payment Setup” option, select “Don't pay for the leave taken” and click save


Now when a leave application is applied to a pay run using this leave category, it will reduce the amount of hours for the employee by the amount of leave that has been applied.


Note: This is relevant for non-timesheet employees only, as it is expected that employee's using timesheets would not have hours initially entered for leave without pay in the first place.  


If you have any questions of feedback on deducting hours when applying leave for an employee, please let us know via

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