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Employees are able to set unavailabilities via WorkZone, if they have been given access to via the Payroll Settings -> Employee Portal Access page:

To create an unavailability, employee must log into WorkZone and go into the Profile page by selecting the Profile icon down the bottom:



From the Unavailability page you then select the + icon in the top right hand corner to add an unavailability for a single date, or on a recurring basis.

If you need select a ongoing basis, a section will expand to give you more option such as specific days of the week, and a start and end date:


Likewise, if you do not select the All Day option you can then select a start/end time for the unavailability to apply.

Once the employee submits the unavailability, it will flow through into the roster (available on the Advanced plan):

There may be scenarios where an employee is unable to save an unavailability because it falls within the threshold set on the Payroll Settings -> Employee Portal Access page. That is, you can set how many days before an employee must enter their unavailability. If this occurs, the following message will appear when you try to save the unavailability:   

Editing an Unavailability

To edit an existing unavailability, tap on the relevant entry and adjust the required setting. Then tap on Submit/Save. 


Deleting an Unavailability

To delete an existing unavailability, tap on the relevant entry and then the Delete Unavailability option: 

If you haven’t already, you can download WorkZone immediately by clicking here:   


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