Registering with Beam to automate Super Payments


You can easily pay employee super contributions directly to any registered super fund in Australia by taking advantage of the inbuilt integration with the Beam super fund clearing house. 

If you are currently registered with ClickSuper for automated super payments you can move over to Beam with a few simple steps.
Firstly you will need to contact our support team ( and let them know you would like to move from ClickSuper to Beam. Our support team will confirm when they have disabled your business integration with ClickSuper and then you can start the registration process with Beam using the below instructions.

Getting Started with Automated Super Payments

To use automated super payments you first need to register your business with Beam. This process includes completing:
  1. Business/company details, Business address, Contact details;
  2. Payment method and details;
  3. Default super fund(s);
  4. T&Cs.

NOTE - Please check your business details to ensure they are correct before you register, as the system will pre-fill these details in Beam.

To register your business for automated super payments you can simply follow these steps:
  • Click on the Payroll Settings tab -> then Superannuation:
  • Click on the Register with Beam option: 
  • You will then be redirected to the Beam application page where there are 4 easy steps to complete the registration: 

Step 1 - Business/company details, Business address and Contact details: Please check all the details that have been pre-filled from the Business Details page. Then click on the ‘Next’ button:


Step 2 - Payment method and details: There are 3 ways you can pay super contributions with  Beam: Direct Debit, EFT and BPAY. The Payment method will be available to select when you submit the super payment batch.

If you do not intend to use direct debit, select the ‘No’ option and click on the ‘Next’ button:

If you do intend to use direct debit, select the ‘Yes’ option and enter the bank account details you would like the payment to be debited to and save: 

NOTE - You can enter multiple bank accounts. Click on the Add Another option and enter the details of a different bank account: 

Once all bank accounts have been added you can click on 'Next'. 
NOTE - Any bank account added here will also be automatically available for selection as a Refund Bank Account when submitting a super batch. You are able to add other bank accounts for refunds from the Superannuation Settings Page back in payroll. 
Step 3 - Default super fund(s): The law states that you are obliged to pay SG - if your employee doesn't provide you with their super fund of choice you must pay their super into a "default" fund. You can follow this link for further information - Determine your employer-nominated fund (default fund).

You can add your default fund during the registration process or use the Sunsuper Superannuation Fund already set up by default:

**Note - Sunsuper Superannuation Fund is set as the default, you can delete this if it's not required by hovering over the fund name and clicking on the X. This also applies to deleting any default funds that are no longer required. 

If you leave Sunsuper Superannuation Fund as one of the default accounts, Beam will create a Sunsuper Employer account if you don't already have one. A Sunsuper Employer account will allow you the ability to create a member account on behalf of an employee. 

You can search for your own default fund by name, ABN or USI. Select the default fund by clicking on the checkbox from the results section. You can add more than one default fund if you wish.


If you do not wish to have Sunsuper as your default fund, you can join as a participating employer to Sunsuper. Joining Sunsuper as a participating employer provides you the ability to create a member account on behalf of an employee.

Note - an employer joining Sunsuper as a participating employer is different to an employer selecting Sunsuper as their default fund.  An employer can join Sunsuper as a participating employer, but their default fund could be a different fund.

Note - there will be an additional T&Cs at the end of registration to confirm your acceptance as a Sunsuper participating employer.

If you do wish to join Sunsuper as a participating employer then leave the checkbox blank. Then click on ‘Next’ button.


Step 4 - T&C's: There will be 3 possible T&Cs to be read, confirmed and accepted. 

  • Beam T&C's - you will need to confirm you have read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Become a SunSuper participating Employer - If you elected to join Sunsuper as a participating employer, you will need to read and accept terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Direct Debit T&C's - If bank account details have been entered for direct debit, you will need to read and accept the Direct Debit Authority terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox.

Then click on ‘Next’ button:



That’s it! Congratulations! Your Beam registration is now complete. Click on ‘Back to Payroll’ to go back to KeyPay Superannuation Settings page.

You will notice that the Default fund from Beam has now populated and saved into the Superannuation Settings page.

You can make amendments to details by clicking on the ‘Edit Super Details’ button which will redirect you to Beam. 



Registering Multiple Employing Entities

If you have multiple employing entities set up in the payroll business, you will need to register the additional employing entities separately. Navigate to Payroll Settings > Employing Entities > select the required entity and then click on 'Register with Beam'. You will be required to complete the same steps detailed  above: 


Once you’ve registered you can make automated super payments by following these instructions.

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know via

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