Manage Employee Groups


In order to provide users with permissions for a set of employees, we first need to define that set of employees. To do this, you need to create an ‘Employee Group’.

One of the interesting properties of employee groups is that they are dynamic. When a new employee is added that matches the criteria, they are automatically added to the group. This reduces the configuration overhead required when setting up new employees.

To create an employee group click on “Create” (located on the top right hand side):


The context panel will appear where you can then follow the above instructions on creating a group.

As an example, Ashley Bailey is responsible for managing staff primarily engaged in Administration and Guest Services. Additionally, she is not allowed to approve any of her leave and expense requests. To create an employee group based on that scenario, the criteria would be set as follows:


As discussed earlier, this group is dynamic and as such if new employees are added to Administration or Guest Services, they will automatically be added to the employee group. 

When you change the criteria, the UI is updated, indicating the number of employees that match this criteria.

Other criteria (or combination of) than can be used to create an employee group include:

  • employment type; and/or
  • pay schedule; and/or
  • tag; and/or
  • employing entity.

Edit an Employee Group

Click on the pencil icon located on the right hand side of the employee group to bring up the context panel. From here you can change, add or delete any of the criteria used to define the employee group. Then click on 'Save'.

Delete an Employee Group

Click on the bin icon located on the right hand side of the employee group. A delete confirmation popup box will appear:


Click 'OK'.

View an Employee Group

From this screen, you can also view the employees who form part of an employee group. To do this, click on the ‘x matching employees’ text to the right of the employee group name.



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