Employee Time and Attendance


If your Employer has granted you access to a Time and Attendance kiosk for the Clock Me In app you will firstly receive an email advising that you have been granted access. 

The email will contain your Employee ID and a temporary pin number:


Once this access has been granted you will then be able to see the this as an option in your Employee Portal(for employees that have ESS access) 

To see this option you will need to log in to your Employee Portal and then click on the Profile option on the left side menu bar -> Time and Attendance:

Here you will see the details of your Employee ID and Pin number:

This is the information you will need to enter when you are logging in to the Time and Attendance kiosk on the Clock Me In app.


NOTE: As the original email suggests the pin you are given when access is granted is only temporary, so the pin will show as already expired when you clock on for the first time.  

You are required to change the pin number the fist time you Clock ON. 


 There are 2 ways you can change your Pin number. 

1. When you log in to the Clock Me In app for the first time the system will prompt you to make this change: 

Enter the pin that you received in the email. A message will pop up to advise that your pin has expired and prompt you to enter a new pin - 


Once you have entered (and confirmed) the new pin a message will pop up to indicate the pin has been updated - 


2. You can log in to your Employee Portal (as per the above instructions) and change the pin number here. Once you have logged in -> click on the Profile option -> Time and Attendance -> Change Pin. 


 Enter the New Pin -> Repeat the new Pin -> Confirm



 The pin number has been updated. You also have the option to change the pin number again if required.  


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