Changes to Victorian Long Service Leave Act 1st November 2018


Information can be found below regarding the changes to Victoria's Long Service Leave

Long Service Leave Act 2018

Long Service Leave Bill

How to change your VIC LSL in a Leave allowance template setup that is not linked to an Award

To update or setup a new leave allowance template: from the Business menu, select 'Business' -> 'Payroll Settings' and then under the 'Pay Conditions' heading select 'Leave Allowance Templates':



You will notice above that each leave category listed under Leave Allowances has an override button. Clicking on override will allow you to enter different values to that of the default. When you click on the left of the 'x' to activate the override, In relation to the changes to VIC LSL this needs be updated to 7 Years Entitlement period.

Then click “Save” and your leave template will be updated, once you click save you’ll be notified if there are employees already linked to the leave template and you’ll be asked if you want to apply the changes to all linked employees



You will also need to update your VIC LSL Leave Category 

The settings for Leave Categories can be accessed and updated by clicking on the Payroll Settings tab on the payroll dashboard, then go to Leave Categories under the "Pay Run Settings" heading.


You will need to update the entitlement period to 7 years, Then click “Save” and your leave category will be updated.

Please note: Any changes that are made to your business's leave category settings will not be applied to existing employees, the new settings will only apply "automatically" to any new employees who are subsequently added to your payroll.  If you want to change the leave settings for your existing employees you will also need to make the same adjustments on each employee's, leave allowances page.  You can do this "in bulk" by using a leave allowance template, then apply that template to each employee's record as explained at the top of article.


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