Shift Swapping via WorkZone


To enable shift swapping, select “Employees can swap shifts that have been assigned to them”.

This setting is located in Payroll Settings > Rostering:

Once the above has been enabled, the shift swap workflow is as follows:

  • Employee (Ashley) receives shift details and can choose to swap the shift by tapping “Swap shift”:

  • Ashley selects an employee (Laura) to swap the shift with, enters a note that will be viewed by Laura and taps “Submit”:

  • Laura can see there is a pending shift swap from Ashley waiting to be actioned:


  • Laura taps on the shift to view all the shift details and Ashley’s reason for the swap:

  • Laura can then accept or decline the shift swap. Laura accepts by tapping “Accept” and then “Yes, accept”:

  • Ashley is notified immediately that Laura has accepted the shift swap.
  • Where manager approval is required for a shift swap, the shift status will display for Laura as follows:

  • When the manager approves or rejects the shift swap, both employees will be notified of the decision and the roster will be updated accordingly.

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