WorkZone - Getting Started


WorkZone is a native iOS and Android app which has been created to give employees the traditional Employee Self Service functions with a sleek user experience on their smartphone. 

You can download WorkZone by searching for ‘WorkZone’ from the App Store or from iTunes following this link:

You can download Workzone for Android from the Google Play store by searching for ‘WorkZone’ or on the Google Play store here:

Get it on Google Play

Employees need portal access to use WorkZone and when it is installed they will be prompted to enter their email address (the one linked to the portal) and password. 


Employees will then need to create a 4 digit code (to be entered twice) which they will then enter each time they open the app. 

Once logged in, users can click on the profile icon (seen in screenshot below) and view their:

  • Details (non editable)
  • Pay Slips 
  • Payment Summaries
  • Bank Accounts (non editable)
  • Super Funds (non editable)
  • Leave
  • Unavailability
  • Emergency Contacts (non editable)
  • Other Documents

The Dashboard view is accessed by clicking on the home icon (see screenshot below) and shows:

  • The last pay slip
  • Next shift (if applicable)
  • Leave balances
  • Ability to log out (click on the cog in the top right hand corner)
  • Ability to CLOCK IN



Note: If you log out of WorkZone (using the "Log Out" option) you will be required to enter your email, password and pin again but if you just leave the app and go back in you will only need to enter your pin. 


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