Importing WageEasy Employee Data into KeyPay


KeyPay offers a custom importing method which allows you to import all of your employee details, leave balances and YTD earnings in one easy import. This means you will not need to manipulate the data prior to importing from WageEasy to KeyPay.

Extracting your Employee Data from WageEasy

  1. Determine the folder destination where your queries are stored. To do this, go to Setup > Preferences.

  2. Choose Configuration from the left navigation pane and select file locations. By default, this is saved in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Wage Easy Payroll\Queries but you can select any folder destination to save your queries into. Note the destination and close the preferences window.

  3. Right click the following link KeyPay Employee Export.weq and select "Save Link As". Navigate to the folder destination you found at Step 2.

  4. In WageEasy, go to HR > User Defined Queries > KeyPay Employee Export

  5. Enter the year for the current financial year you are exporting. Click the 'OK' button.

  6. When the data appears, right click anywhere in the window to reveal the context menu. Choose Export Data > Excel. Save the Excel file to a place on your computer.

  7. Open the file in Excel or your favourite spreadsheet software. By default, the file is in a format called XLS (Excel's 1997-2003 file format). Go to File > Save As and save the file as 'Excel Workbook (XLSX).

  8. Open KeyPay and go "Employees" -> "Import Employees"

  9. From the "Import employees from" menu, select "Wage Easy"

    You will then be required to map the pay categories and leave categories as below

  10. Finally, select the XSLX file you saved in step 7 and click "Upload" to upload it into KeyPay.

This will load all WageEasy data into KeyPay.



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