WorkZone - Applying/Cancelling/Viewing Leave


You are able to request leave straight from the phone, including the ability to attach a supporting document just by using your Smartphone’s camera.

To access leave in WorkZone, either tap on the "Leave Balances" section of the dashboard:


Or by clicking on the "Leave" section on the profile page:


The leave screen will show an employees leave balances as well as current leave requests. If a current leave request is selected it will show further detail including:

  • Leave category
  • First/last day of leave
  • Hours required for the leave
  • Notes
  • Ability to add an attachment
  • Ability to cancel the request

To apply for leave from the app, simply click on the plus symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen. From here the following details can be entered by clicking on each heading:

  • Leave Category
  • First day of leave
  • Last day of leave
  • Leave required (hours) - from here you are able to "show details" to check any leave balances
  • Notes
  • Attachments (from your phones camera or gallery)

Once the details have been entered, click the "Submit" button in the top right hand corner.


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