Viewing Shift Cost Summary


Once you have set the budgets for a roster, you can view the shift cost summary broken down by location and compared to the budget by following these steps

  1. Once you have set your budget you can view the shift costs vs budget by clicking on the header of any location

  2. In the budget overview screen, you can see a day by day breakdown of the budget and the costs of the shifts for each day
  3. In addition if the budget is shared across locations, you can see the total costs compared to the budget in the totals section as well as see a costs break down for each individual location.

  4. You can also expand any individual location to see the day by day cost break down for each location

  5. Based on these values, you will notice in the roster that ORANGE means "the shifts have exceeded the budget warning level", and RED means "over budget" (provided that you have the 'show costs' button on). E.g. the below roster shows that the budget warning has been exceeded on the Thursday, the Friday is over budget, and the Saturday is within budget:

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