Pay Run Comparison Report


The Pay Run Comparison Report can be found on the 'Reports' page:


This report shows a comparison of pay runs over a period of time. 


The 'date range' lets you specify a number of periods as seen below:

Just be aware that reports will always run on DATE PAID. So if a pay run ends on the 30th of a month, but isn't actually paid until the 1st you need to include the 1st in the date range for the report to include it.

The pay schedule tab lets you choose either all, or specific pay schedules that you have set up:

The report will give you a clear comparison of each pay run in the selected period including a total of all locations and fields such as hours, gross earnings, deductions etc:

You can easily expand each pay period for more information by clicking on the required one, or click the tab that says 'expand all' to do them all at once. 

This report can be exported as Excel, CSV or PDF.

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