KeyPay Video Library


KeyPay Video Library

The following is a list of all our videos to help you get started from setting up your business to importing an award.

Please  let us know if there is a particular scenario you are looking for that you do not see listed below and we can work on adding this in for you, likewise we welcome any feedback please email us at [email protected].


VIDEO: The Basics video series

VIDEO: How to set up a New Business

VIDEO: How to Add a New Employee

VIDEO: How to complete the Tax File Declaration in KeyPay

VIDEO: Set up and download ABA file

VIDEO: How to set up the Pay Run Defaults

VIDEO: How to set up Clock Me In App

VIDEO: Best practice for setting up leave

VIDEO: How to Automate Parental Leave Payments

VIDEO: How to create a pay run

VIDEO: How to set up Notifications and issue Payslips

VIDEO: Time saving tip: importing commissions into a pay run



VIDEO: Employee Self Service 'HOW TO' Series

VIDEO: Providing self service access to an employee

VIDEO: How to access the employee self service (ESS) portal

VIDEO: Creating Timesheets in the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal

VIDEO: Creating Leave requests in the employee Self Service (ESS) portal

VIDEO: How to access PaySlips in the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal

VIDEO: Rostering in the employee self service portal



VIDEO: Pay condition rule set recipes video series

VIDEO: How to automate overtime using rule sets

VIDEO: how to automate allowances using rule sets

VIDEO: Automate late night and weekend penalties with rule sets

VIDEO: How to automate public holiday pay with pay condition rule sets

VIDEO: Automating a Pay Run that uses a roster day off

VIDEO: How to Automate Shiftwork Payroll



VIDEO: Paying Above Award Rates with KeyPay

VIDEO: Automate your Health Care Business Payroll in under 10 minutes


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