VIDEO: How to set up and use Clock Me In App


Note: Clock Me In can be run on any version of iPad that runs at least iOS 9.3

This video shows you how to use the Clock Me In App in conjunction with KeyPay as well as some configuration options.

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains images of the "old" KeyPay payroll dashboard.   Access your payroll settings by clicking on the Payroll Settings tab, here on the dashboard:


Clock Me In FAQ

Q: Is Clock Me In only available on the iPad
A: Yes. There are no plans at this stage to make it available on any other platforms

Q: Is there any additional cost to use Clock Me In?
A: You need to be on the KeyPay plus plan to use Clock Me In. The KeyPay plus plan is $6/active employee/month and there are no additional costs to use Clock Me In

Q: What is the best iPad to use Clock Me In on?
A: Clock Me In works on all iPads, but we recommend the iPad mini 2 as it's the cheapest iPad most commonly available

Q: Can I use Clock Me In on multiple iPads for a single KeyPay business?
A: Yes, you can use as many iPads as you like to record clock events for your employees

 Q: Can I use Clock Me In if I don't have access to the internet (just temporarily)?
A: No, Clock Me In is not available to be used offline.

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