VIDEO: How to Automate Parental Leave Payments


This video walks through how you can set up and automate the payments of the Governments Parental Leave payment, as well as how you should configure components such as leave, payroll tax and superannuation on these amounts.

 This video will walk you through the following scenarios:

  • The employer needs to register the business with Department of Human Services - bank details and pay cycle details
  • The employee applies up to 3 months before the expected date of birth.
  • At the time of filming, payment is $657 per week before tax over 18 weeks (total 18 weeks @ $657 per week = $11,826) The current rate from July 18 is $719.35 per week.
  • The employer does not have to pay super guarantee but can do so if they wish.
  • There is no entitlement to accrue leave while on paid maternity leave

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains images of the "old" KeyPay payroll dashboard.   Access your payroll settings by clicking on the Payroll Settings tab, here on the dashboard:


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