VIDEO: Automate your Payroll Time in Lieu Calculations


This video walks through several scenarios where you can automate the calculation of accruing and taking time in lieu.

 Common scenarios for this Rule Set include:

  • The employee can accrue time in lieu of overtime at a rate of 1 hour for every hour of overtime worked.
  • The employee can accrue time in lieu of overtime. The hours accrued will equate to the penalty rate for the overtime that would have been received.
  • A salary employee will submit timesheets for different locations but still need to just be paid their standard hours per week.


 PLEASE NOTE: This video contains images of the "old" KeyPay payroll dashboard.   Access your payroll settings by clicking on the Payroll Settings tab, here on the dashboard:


Click below to see written instructions on this topic:

Setting up RDO’s and Time in Lieu with Pay Conditions


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