VIDEO: Pay Condition Rule Set Recipes Video Series


For anyone looking to create a rule set, agreement or award template for their business or white label, we have put together a video series which takes a look at some of the more common scenarios. These can be adapted to suit the majority of pay conditions in awards or employment agreement. We also take a look at how to benefit from pay rate templates, leave templates and putting together an employment agreement.

While your exact pay condition may not match the ones demonstrated in this series, it would be worthwhile watching the techniques used and then apply them to your own specific scenario.

The videos in this series include:

  1. Automate payroll with Saturday, Sunday and Late Night Penalties
  2. Automate overtime conditions
  3. Automate time in lieu calculations
  4. Automate your allowances
  5. Apply an RDO rule
  6. Automate your public holidays - KeyPay will provide an up to date set of State and Federal public holidays in each business, automatically. You will still need to manually import local/regional and business specific (e.g. picnic days) public holidays.
  7. Automate shiftwork payroll
  8. Set up and use a pay rate template

Click the  button on the video player below to choose from the list of videos available.

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains images of the "old" KeyPay payroll dashboard. Access your payroll settings by clicking on the Payroll Settings tab, here on the dashboard:




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