VIDEO: Employee Self Service 'HOW TO' Series


If you are new to using the employee self service (ESS) portal, we have put together a series of YouTube videos to teach you how to get the most out of the functionality. This video series covers the following topics:

Accessing the employee self service portal

  1. Accessing ESS for the first time
  2. Forgetting your password

Maintaining your details from the employee self service portal

  1. Maintaining contact details and emergency contacts
  2. Maintaining bank account details
  3. Maintaining super fund details

Rostering in the employee self service portal

  1. Viewing your roster
  2. Adding unavailability
  3. Declining shifts which have been assigned to you

Create a leave request using the self service portal

  1. Create a leave request
  2. Attach a document to a leave request
  3. Modify the hours to be taken

Creating a timesheet from the self service portal

  1. Entering a timesheet
  2. Copying a timesheet from a previous week
  3. Copying a timesheet from scheduled shifts
  4. Copying a timesheet from approved leave requests

How to access payslips from the self service portal

  1. Accessing your payslips
  2. Accessing your payment summaries
  3. Accessing other documents

Tap the  button on the video player below to choose from the list of videos available.

There has also been a 'makeover' on the employee portal since this video was made. All functionality is the same but options may be in different places.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via

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