VIDEO: How to create a pay run


The following video takes a look at how to create a pay run and how to set the pay run up to work best for your business.

This video will walk you through an overview of your pay run as well as setting up the below:

  • Pay period
  • Bringing in approved timesheets
  • Manually add more employees into the pay run
  • Add notes to a pay run for the employee or all employees
  • Add additional earnings, expenses, deductions, allowances into the pay run 
  • Add lump sum payment
  • Add accrued leave or take leave for the employee in the pay run
  • Adjust leave, PAYG & Super
  • Recalculate (changes made in the employee details)
  • Employee termination
  • Exclude employee from pay run
  • Apply leave requests
  • Warnings
  • Filtering the pay run
  • Audit report
  • Finalise pay run and options for pay date, pay slips and notifications

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains images of the "old" KeyPay payroll dashboard. Access a new pay run by clicking on the New Pay Run button, here on the dashboard:


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