Value Added Reseller - add a new White Label


This Article is for all Value Added Resellers  - How to add a White Label

As a Value Added Reseller you have the ability to add new branded White Labels that sit under your reseller account.

To do this please log into your White Label

  • Select > White Label drop down from the top right
  • select >  manage white labels


Next step is to add your new White Label and you can do this by selecting:

  • Add

  • Enter your new White Label details here
  • Name: White Label name
  • Billing Name: Name of your client's' business that will be used for billing purposes
  • Support email: the email that you will use to support the White Label clients
  • SMS notification sender name: PAYROLL
  • Host name: White Label URL eg
  • Alias's: you can enter in multiple Host alias's eg, which all lead to the 'primary host name'

Once you have entered in this information select > save

You can now set up the Logo and content in the Brand Management section for this White Label.

Manage your White Label


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Please let us know should you have any questions or concerns


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