VIDEO: How to Automate Public Holiday Pay with Pay Condition Rule Sets


The following video takes a look specifically at public holidays and how to automate public holidays so that the pay run automatically assigns public holidays rates and public holiday conditions to a particular employee.


  • Employee public holiday day off
  • Employee paid a penalty rate for working public holiday
  • Employee paid a flat rate as well as a day of annual leave for working a public holiday
  • Importing public holiday calendar - Please disregard this section of the video starting at 4:43 seconds as it is no longer a requirement to import Public Holidays. KeyPay will provide an up to date set of State and Federal public holidays in each business, automatically. Local/regional and company authorised (e.g. picnic days) public holidays will need to be added manually.

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains images of the "old" KeyPay payroll dashboard. Access your payroll settings by clicking on the Payroll Settings tab, here on the dashboard:




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