White Label - Add a Business


This Article is for all White Label Partners - How to add a business

To add a new business please log into your White Label and select:

  • Add your first business

Should you already have a business set up eg a demo file set up by the KeyPay team or perhaps transferred an existing client file, you will be able to add new businesses by selecting:

  • Business (top left side of the menu bar)
  • add new business




Now you are ready to complete the set up of your new business within your White Label.



When you click on “Add your first business” you will be directed to a new page where you will input basic details about your business -Adding a new business.

Once you hit Save at the bottom of this page your business is ready to process payroll.

Before you can do that you need to add your employees into the business.  


The scenarios at this point are many and varied including:

  1. Manually add employees
  2. Import employee details “in bulk” by importing data via .csv (spreadsheet) file
  3. Import employee details via a integrated system such as -  Attache & Xero.


  • Select Employee - menu bar 
  • Choose “Add an employee” to add one at a time using our “Add Employee Wizard”.  Note your employee’s will automatically show up in the pay run if you have NOT selected “use timesheets for all time worked” during the Wizard process.  Add additional employees option appears after each employee record is completed.
  • Choose “Import employee data” and you will be redirected to a page where you can follow simple instructions to download a .csv template style document which can be populated (like a spreadsheet) and then imported/uploaded back into KeyPay.  
  • If you are converting from another payroll package, click on “Import employee data” then click on the down arrow next to “Import Employees from” and choose from the options listed 

If you want to get started mid financial year no worries there either - use our opening balances feature (on the same page as Import Employee Data) to bring in opening balances for both wages and leave.

Once your employees are set up, you are ready to start paying them.



  • To create a new pay run :
  • Click on Pay Runs on the menu, then click on New Pay Run -see here
  • specify the period end date and date paid
  • The dates will then be automatically populated for subsequent pay runs.

We can provide you with information to help you set up for loads of different scenarios, a couple of common ones being:


  • employees are permanent and on a standard 38hr/week wage
  • employees are casual and work different hours/days each week
  • employees only work now and then


If you complete the ABA Details page (in your Business, Settings) - ABA Files - you will be offered the option to click on the Download ABA button after finalising your pay run.  This file can then be uploaded into your internet banking website - upload ABA file to my bank - and wages will be transferred to your employees’ bank accounts (as per the details on their employee details record) with just the one debit/payment from your business bank account.  No double handling means no input errors…. quick, easy - DONE!

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Please reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns support@yourpayroll.com.au

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