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This article is for all White Label partners and Resellers - How to manage your White Label.

As a White Label partner you have the ability to manage and customise your White Labels.

Once logged into your White Label you can manage it by selecting:

  • White Label tab drop down - top right
  • Manage White Labels

  • Select White Label from the top menu
  • Select the White Label

  • Select Brand Management

Brand Management gives you the ability to manage and customise the White Label/s.

eg. add a logo and favicon as well as customise wording/ terms and conditions displayed to your clients.

Once you have selected Brand Management you will see the content management window open. This is where you can edit your brand details and upload your logo.


To edit any values select > Edit > edit the information > save

To change the navigation bar colour see highlighted fields below. You can simply change the colour by selecting > edit and changing the colour.

To upload your logo select upload logo. Logo maximum dimensions 250px by 50px.



Once the content management has been edited you will be able to view the display of your brand by going to your new url eg. https://xxx.yourpayroll.com.au to make sure it displays correctly.

Employee portal settings

In the new version of the employee portal released on May 24th, 2017, there were 3 new settings introduced:

  • Employee portal primary colour - used to set the link and button colours within the employee portal
  • Employee portal navbar colour - used to control the colour of the left navbar in the employee portal
  • Employee portal header colour - used to control the colour of the header bar in the employee portal

User Access

The users listed on this screen are White Label Managers. You can add additional White Label Managers from this screen by clicking on "Add" button and entering the user's email address and name. This user will then be given automatic access to all existing businesses against the White Label any new businesses added.



This screen will display all users, including White Label Managers, full access business users and restricted business users. From here, you can edit and/or delete specific users that will then flow through to the business's Manage Users screen. Additionally, you can export the data to better analyse the users set up within your White Label.  


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Please reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns support@yourpayroll.com.au


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