What goes into an EMPDUPE File?


Sometimes when submitting your EMPDUPE file you'll receive an error message back from the ATO about a problem with one of the fields in the file. Resolving the problem can be as simple as checking that you've got the correct values saved in your payroll system and, if you see something that's been entered incorrectly, fixing it then creating the EMPDUPE file again and resubmitting it.

To help you find the possible cause of a problem, we've listed all the information that goes into an EMPDUPE file below. 

Information about your business

Business Details:

- Business Name

- Legal Name (optional)  

- Contact Email Address


ATO Settings:


- Name

- Contact Name

- Phone Number

- Fax Number (optional)

- Address Line 1

- Address Line 2 (optional)

- Suburb

- Branch Number (optional)


Information about your employees

Tax File Declaration:

- Tax File Number


Employee Details: 

- Date of Birth

- First Name

- Middle Name (optional)

- Surname

- Residential Address Line 1

- Residential Address Line 2 (optional)

- Residential Address Suburb

- Postal Address Line 1

- Postal Address Line 2 (optional)

- Postal Address Suburb

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au


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