Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 (MA000058)


This article provides guidelines about when to use the different work types and tags that are included as part of the pre-built Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2010 package. For further information about this award, refer to

NOTE: These pay conditions do not cover casual horticultural and maintenance employees as the Fair Work Ombudsman is currently reviewing the coverage of such casuals under this Award.

Key Updates

June 2018

The Award has been updated to reflect the Fair Work Commission’s national minimum wage increase of 3.5% from its Annual Wage Review 2017-18 decision. This also includes updates to expense-related allowances.

These changes come into effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2018. Please install these updates AFTER you have finalised your last pay run prior to the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2018.

Additionally, the following changes have been made as part of this update:

  1. New laundry allowance pay categories and rule conditions were created to reflect the ATO threshold maximum limits for claiming of laundry (not dry cleaning) for deductible clothing under the Award. Further information can be found in the “Cleaning of Work Clothing” section of this ATO article.
  2. The Payment Summary Classification settings for Allowance based pay categories have been updated as per Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirements.

April 2018

Added employment agreements (EA) at each level to cater for the award clause below, the new EA's can be selected using higher classifications in the timesheets;

12.1 Junior employees employed in the bar or other places where liquor is sold must be paid at the adult rate of pay in clause 17.2 for the classification of the work being performed.

March 2018

  1. Fix any auto meal break rules so that they don't apply to leave requests
  2. Updated allowance pay categories configuration.  e.g. changed payment summary classifications.
  3. Created Kilometre allowance pay categories - above and below ATO limits

1 January 2018

The award has been updated to reflect changes made as part of the Fair Work Decision 4 year review of modern awards.

Casual employees

The changes are a replacement of Clause 10.5(b) - Casuals and Clause 28 - Overtime to include overtime paid for casuals. This now provides for casual staff to be paid overtime in excess of the following:

  • For a maximum of 38 hours per week or, where the casual employee works in accordance with a roster, an average of 38 hours per week over the roster cycle (which may not exceed 4 weeks)
  • 12 hours in one day

NB: We have applied the rule using 38 hours worked over a week to remain consistent with the rule set for permanent staff.

Implicitly, this also means overtime can be converted to TIL by using the 'Time off in lieu of Overtime' employee tag, and this has also been reflected in the rules.

These changes are reflected in the "Registered & Licensed Clubs Casual" and "Registered & Licensed Clubs Casual Fitness Instructor" rule set. We've also automatically enabled the work types relating to meal allowances for casual staff. To be paid a meal allowance, the 'Meal Allowance' work type needs to be selected on a separate line of the timesheet and a unit of 1 recorded.

These changes have also meant a set of new pay categories for casual overtime and the pay rate templates for casual employees and fitness instructors have been updated.

Part time employees

Clause 10.4 has been updated for part time employees, and mandates the idea of 'guaranteed hours' reflected as the employee standard hours in KeyPay, and the 'employees availability'. We have interpreted the employees availability as only affecting the hours available to roster the part time employee (use 'unavailability' in rostering to achieve this), so no changes are reflected in the pay condition rule set.

The new changes do mean that an employee can work hours in excess of their guaranteed hours and not attract overtime, until they've worked in excess of 38 hours or an average of 38 hours per roster cycle. 

This means we've removed the 'overtime in excess of standard hours' and replaced this with 'overtime in excess of 38 hours per week'.

These changes have been reflected in the 'Registered & Licensed Clubs Permanent' rule set.

Please note that the changes come into effect on the first full pay period on or after 1 January 2018. This means that you should only install these updates once you've completed the last pay period that pays shifts worked during December 2017.


Installing and Configuring the Pre-Built Award Package

For details on how to install and configure this Pre-built Award Template, please review the detailed help article here.

Work Types

Annual Leave
Choose this work type when annual leave was taken.

Compassionate Leave
Choose this work type when compassionate leave was taken.
Unpaid Leave
Choose this work type when unpaid leave was taken.
Long Service Leave
Choose this work type when long service leave was taken.

TIL of Overtime
Use this work type when an employee elects to receive time off in lieu rather than be paid for any overtime they are entitled to for this shift in accordance with clause 28.5 of the Award. 
Rostered Day off Worked
Choose this work type when an employee is required to work on their rostered day off. Such hours attract overtime penalties in accordance with clause 28.2(e) of the Award.
Vehicle Allowance
Use this work type to record the number of kilometres an employee has travelled using their own vehicle in the performance of their duties. 
Meal Allowance
Use this work type when (a) an employee is required to work overtime for more than two hours without being notified earlier and have not been supplied with a meal or (b) where a manager is not provided a free meal whilst on duty. This does not apply to any managers receiving a salary in excess of 50% above the minimum annual salary rate for their appropriate classification.
Public Holiday not Worked
Use this work type where an employee does not work on a shift that falls on a gazetted public holiday.
No meal break
Use this work type where an employee working a shift of more than 5 hours does not take a meal break so that a half hour meal break is not deducted from their time.
Public Holiday not Worked - Accrue AL
Use this work type when a full time employee’s rostered day off falls on a public holiday and agreement has been made for additional leave accrual in accordance with clause 34.3(a) of the Award.  
Personal/Carer's Leave
Choose this work type when sick leave or carer’s leave was taken.


7 day shiftworker
Assign this tag if the employee is employed as a seven day shift worker who is regularly rostered to work on Sundays and public holidays for the purpose of accruing an additional 1 week of annual leave.
Bingo Caller
Assign this tag if the casual employee is employed as a bingo caller for the purposes of calculating the minimum shift engagement.
Club Manager Uniform Allowance
Assign this tag if a club manager is required to wear a uniform that is not laundered by the employer. 
First Aider
Assign this tag to an employee if they are first aid qualified and are appointed by the employer as a first aid attendant.
Horticultural Employee or Maintenance Employee
Assign the relevant tag to a permanent employee who is engaged under any Ground Maintenance classifications as per Schedule C.9 of the Award.
Assign this tag if the employee elects to always accrue time in lieu rather than be paid overtime.
Tool Allowance
Assign this tag to an employee engaged as a cook where such cook is required to use their own tools in the performance of their duties.
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