Compassionate Leave - Paid - How to Set Up


Paid Compassionate Leave is generally granted by most organisations.  Employees are allocated a specified amount of days a year as decided by the organisation.  

Compassionate Leave does NOT accrue therefore, there is no leave balance for this type of leave. KeyPay can track the number of compassionate days taken by an employee without accruing or recording a balance.

To get further clarification on Compassionate Leave consult the Fairwork Australia website.

To set up Paid Compassionate Leave within KeyPay you will need to follow these steps;

  1. Set up Compassionate Leave under "Leave Categories" from the "Business">"Settings" menu (see image below).

  2. "Leave Category Type" select "Standard"

  3. "Leave Loading" 0%

  4. "When leave is taken" select "Take no further action"

  5. "Employee leave balance" select "Tracked"

  6. Then "Save".  None of the "tick" boxes need to be ticked.

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