Locations - Splitting Costs / Hours Across Multiple Locations


On occasions you may have to allocate your employees costs across multiple locations.  Before you do this you will have to ensure that you have the locations set up within your company's profile.

You will also need to ensure that employee/s working at multiple locations have the relevant locations allocated to their profile's within KeyPay, so they are available to have hours/costs credited to the location/s.  

There are three ways to split costs across multiple locations.  Firstly, they can be entered through the time sheets, secondly by manually allocating earnings to a location within a pay run and thirdly by adding additional earnings lines within the employee file.

Please note: Options 2 & 3 won't work with pay conditions.


  1. Using Time Sheets (see image below)

    When entering time sheets you have to select "employee" from the first column (1).
    - Then enter the "date" and "hours" worked (2 & 3). Total hours will show (4).
    - In the last column, using the drop down menu, select the location for these hours (5).

    The hours allocated to the location/s will be reflected within the Pay Run.

  2. Manually Allocating Earnings to a location within a Pay Run

    After a new Pay Run has been added, select the blue Action button (see image below).

    - Select "Add Earnings" (see image above).

    - When the new earnings line is showing, select correct "Pay Category" (see first red arrow    below).

    - Then select the location you want to add the employees hours (see second red arrow          below).

    - Adjust the hours according to amount of time worked at the selected location (E.g. 20         Hours NSW & 20 Hours QLD, see green arrows, image above)

    - Once you start entering in the employees hours a green "Save" button will appear.             Ensure when you have completed filling in the hours you click this button to save your       entry/ies (see image below).

    The hours allocated to the location/s will be reflected within the Pay Run.

  3. Adding additional Earnings lines within the employee file

    By adding additional earnings lines within the employee file you will permanently create a line with every future Pay Run.  This/these additional lines can be deleted if not required. You can also add more lines if required.

    Follow these steps to add additional lines via the employee file; 

    - Select "Employee" from the top menu.

    - Select "List".

    - Select the employee you wish to add additional earnings lines.

    - Select "Pay Rates" under the Pay Run Settings menu on the left hand side of the screen.

    - At the bottom of the screen, under the heading "Additional Earnings Lines" use the green   "Add" button (see image below).

    - Select "Pay Category" then select the "Location" you wish to allocate some hours against.   Then click the "Save" button (see image below).  This will create an additional "Earnings     Line" in every future Pay Run for the selected employee.  You can delete this line if not       required or, add additional lines if necessary within the Pay Run.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au



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