Qualifications - Creating & Managing Employee Qualifications


Full access users along with restricted users (who have been given the relevant permission) are able to create, edit, update and monitor an employee's qualifications. Qualifications are important for an employer so they are aware of an employee's formal qualification/s, documentation and skill set. This then allows them to allocate an employee to a particular task/s they are are qualified to do. The qualification feature also monitors when a qualification is due to expire and/or has expired.

To manage business qualifications go to 'Payroll Settings' -> 'Qualifications':

From here you can perform the following activities:

  • Add a new business qualification;
  • Edit a business qualification;
  • Delete a business qualification;
  • Import and/or export employee qualification data.

Add a business qualification

To add a new business qualification, click on the green "Add" button on the top right hand side. A field will then appear where you can type in the Qualification name and then click on "Save":


Edit a business qualification

You can change the name of an existing business qualification. To do this, click on the qualification name itself. This will open the field so you can edit the name. Once complete, click on "Save".    

Delete a business qualification

If you no longer require a business qualification you are able to delete it as long as there are no employees currently linked to it. To find out which employees are linked to qualifications there is an Employee Qualifications Report that will give you this information. 

To delete a qualification, click on the red bin icon as displayed below:


Export employee qualifications

Exporting qualification data allows you to do a bulk update on existing data (you are not able to add new qualification categories via import). To export employee qualifications, click on "Export" located on the top right hand side of the screen. You will then be redirected to a new screen where you can choose to download the following formats:

  • Spreadsheet that includes only active employees;
  • Spreadsheet that includes both active and terminated employees;
  • Empty spreadsheet. This spreadsheet does not contain any employee data, rather only the headers to act as a guide of what information needs to be added in what column. The headers are as follows:  


When exporting using the first or second option, the spreadsheet will contain a list of all employees (regardless of whether they have any qualifications or not) and any qualification data already stored in their file. An example of the results are as follows:


From here, you can:

  • insert new rows, for when an employee has multiple qualifications;
  • update any existing qualification data such as expiry date and reference number.

Make the relevant changes required in the spreadsheet and then save to your drive so you can then import the spreadsheet back into the payroll system.

N.B. You can also export qualification data via the Payroll Settings > Data Extracts screen.

Import employee qualifications

To import employee qualifications, click on "Import" located on the top right hand side of the screen. Select the file from your drive and then click on "Confirm upload?". 

Dashboard Notifications 

The business dashboard will warn you of any qualifications that are expiring within the next 7 days and/or have already expired.

For information on how to allocate qualifications to an employee on an individual basis, refer to Allocate Qualification to Employee.


If you have any questions or feedback please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.



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