Pay Run Audit Report


Pay run audit reports show the full pay run details for a given pay run. This includes earnings, super payments, bank payments, leave and deductions.

The pay run audit report is available from the 'Reports' home page under the 'Payroll Reports' section.

In order to generate the report you need to enter the following information:

  1. Pay Schedule - choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly, weekly casual, and any other default pay schedules that you have previously set up.

  2. Select a pay run - choose a specific pay run from the drop down box:

You are able to include a number of summary and employee details including:

  • Total Hours
  • Gross Earnings
  • Pre-Tax Deductions
  • Taxable Earnings
  • Post-Tax Deductions
  • PAYG
  • SFSS
  • HELP
  • SGC
  • SGC Adjustments
  • Total SCG
  • Member Voluntary Super
  • Employer Contribution Super
  • Net Earnings

Other summaries that are also supplied include:

  • Super Payments summary

  • Bank Payments

  • Leave Accrued

  • Leave Taken

These summaries list each employee (in alphabetical order) and the corresponding details under each heading. 

The other way that the Pay Run Audit report shows is Pay Run Details. In this section, employees are listing individually (instead of under each heading) and the previously mentioned details are contained under the employee heading (instead of vice versa).

You are able to download this report as a PDF or Excel file.

Generating a draft audit report
The pay run audit report is also the only report that can be run in 'draft' mode. This means you can run the pay run audit report for any pay run that has not yet been finalised.

To generate a draft audit report, follow these steps:

  1. From within any unfinalised pay run, you will see the 'Draft Audit Report' button in the actions bar when you click on the 'Reports' tab

    Alternatively, if you go to the audit report page and select a pay run from the drop down, unfinalised pay runs with show with an asterisk (*) next to them. You can also select one of these pay runs to generate a draft audit report

  2. Once you have selected the pay run you want to generate the audit report for, click the 'Run Report' button and the draft report will be generated.

***NOTE - When running the audit report in draft mode, you will not be able to see super payments or bank payments in draft mode as these are only generated once the pay run is finalised.

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