Finalise a Pay Run


When you have finished making changes to your pay run, you can finalise it.

Finalising the pay run makes the data in your pay run available in reports and also allows pay slips for the pay run to be visible to employees from the employee portal.

To finalise a pay run you need to:

  1. Open the pay run you wish to finalise
  2. From the "Actions" tab click the "Finalise Pay Run" button

In the dialogue that drops down:

  1. Enter the "Date Paid" 
  2. Select Pay Slip options.

Please note that the system will remember these options selected for pay slips moving forward, if you need to change these you can do so at this step at any time when finalising the pay run.

Once the pay run is finalised the pay run will be locked.

Should you need to edit the pay run you can unlock at any time by selecting the "Pay Run Actions" Tab in the pay run. From here, select "Unlock"

Once you select "Unlock", ensure your changes/corrections are made and then select finalise to re finalise the pay run.


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