Pay Slips - Customise


This feature allows you to customise play slips generated for your employees. 

The settings for Pay slips can be accessed and updated by clicking on the '
Payroll Settings' tab located on the dashboard. The 'Pay slips' page is under the 'Business Settings' heading to the left of screen:

Business Logo

You are able to upload an image to use as a logo on your pay slips.  To do this you:

  1. Click the blue "Choose a Logo" button under the "Business Logo" heading
  2. A second window will pop up, click the green button that says "Select File".
  3. You are then able to browse your computer files for an appropriate image.
  4. Note: Images must be .gif, .jgp or .png, and we recommend dimensions of no larger than 150px by 350px. 

You are also able to configure pay slips using the following options:

Section Visibility

These options allow you to control which information is displayed on employee pay slips

  1. Show job title / classification - shows the employee's job title 
  2. Show base pay rate - shows the employees base hourly rate
  3. Show year to date details - show or hide year to date earnings figures on employee pay slips (Nb. this is no longer an option on our (new) pay slips
  4. Show earnings details - show or hide earnings details on employee pay slips
  5. Show leave accruals - show or hide leave accruals on employee pay slips
  6. Show employee id - show or hide the id number that's been automatically assigned to this employee by KeyPay
  7. Show employee external id - show or hide the id number that's been manually assigned to this employee by the payroll administrator
  8. Show line notes - show or hide line notes on employee pay slips. (Disabling this will not hide pay slip notes)



Email Notification

  • Email Notification "from email address" - specify this to set the "from address" that emails are sent from. This is handy for when employees want to reply to their pay slip with questions or queries regarding their pay. N.B: Due to email security settings and the likelihood of emails not reaching employees because of such settings, we ignore the following email domains: yahoo; gmail; googlemail; outlook; hotmail and bigpond. If any email address entered in this field uses any of these domains, the email address setting will be ignored. Rather, the pay slip email will be sent from or the email address set at the white label setting.   
  • Option for a custom message to show on pay slip notification emails - this message is appended to the pay slip notification emails (not the pay slips themselves)

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