Payroll Tax Support


KeyPay's Payroll Tax support feature is enabled automatically (by default) but there are several additional sections in the application to help you with the configuration and reporting of Payroll Tax.

Location Configuration

On the Location configuration page, you can specify a State for each location...

Where States have been configured, they will be displayed on the location list, as shown below...

For the purposes of Payroll Tax reporting, a child Location will use the state of its parent location if it hasn’t been configured explicitly. Where a location has not been specified for a location, nor its parent location, it will be reported as ‘Unallocated’.

For the example above, all earnings against the ‘Main Bar’ location under 'Gold Coast Golf Club', would be reported against QLD for the purposes of payroll tax.

Employee Configuration

By default, all employees are configured to incur Payroll Tax - this setting can be adjusted on the ‘Pay Run Defaults’ page of the Employee Record:

Please note that this setting is tracked historically. That is, once it is updated, it will apply for any future pay runs (but it will not be applied for pay runs that have already been finalised).

Pay Category Configuration

On each Pay Category settings page there is a checkbox that enables you to mark that particular pay category as Payroll Tax Exempt...


Any earnings paid via a Pay Category marked as Payroll Tax Exempt will be excluded from all figures in a Payroll Tax Report.


The Payroll Tax report option is in the list under the 'Reports' heading.


On the Payroll Tax report page, you can specify whether you want to run the report for a month or the financial year.  You can also choose to break down the report data by Employing Entity (if you are using this feature) or Earnings location...

The report will list the wages and super payments broken down by state and will separate out other payments eg. Allowances, Termination payments where required. Detailed information on the Payroll Tax Report can be found here.

Further Reading

Payroll Tax Explained

Here are the links to use to register/pay payroll tax to the various State revenue departments.

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