Employee Birthdays Report


One problem a lot of employers have is that if they need to manually change the pay rate for staff  based on their age it can be tricky to keep track.

This task is now a lot simpler thanks to the new employee birthday report. With the employee birthday report you can quickly run a report at the start of every month to see what employees are having birthdays in the next month and make sure you are prepared to adjust their rates accordingly.

Note: If you are using Pay Rate Templates based on Awards on the Advanced plan, the system will update pay rates automatically when an employee has a birthday. See below for further information:

Pay Rate Templates

The employee birthday report is available from the 'Reports' home page under the 'Employee Reports' section:

Running this report gives you a list of all the employees grouped by location that have an upcoming birthday:


If you’ve got any questions or feedback on the employee birthday report, please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au

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