How do I process an 'Ad hoc' Pay Run


Creating an 'Ad hoc' pay run is as simple as ticking a box when creating a normal pay run. There are 2 options when creating an ad hoc pay run. 

Manually add employees to this pay run - This option will create an 'empty' pay run with no employees. You can then add the required employees. 

Create pay run with empty pays - This option will create a pay run which will include all of the employees linked to that pay schedule.. but there will be no earnings populated for any of the employees.  

1. Create a pay run

Now, create a new pay run as per normal. When creating the pay run, be sure to select 'Manually add employees to this pay run' OR 'Create pay run with empty pays'


2. Add any required employees

Click the 'Add Employees' button and then select any employees that you would like to include in the pay run.


2.1 Click the 'Add Employees' button

2.2 Add required employees

Select an employee that you would like to add to the pay run and click 'Add Employee'. Repeat for any additional employees that you would like to add.

Once you have finished adding employees, click 'Close'

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