Expense Claims via WorkZone


Expense claims can be processed within WorkZone for both Android and iOS. With expense claims for WorkZone, employees can take a photo of their receipts, fill in the details and submit the expense claim from right within the app.


Once the employee is logged in to the WorkZone app they can tap on Expenses:


Tap on "+" to begin a new expense claim:


Tap on "Add expense":


Add the expense details then "Save":


Once the details of the claim have been saved you can also add an attachment if required.


You can add the attachment from an already stored photo (gallery) OR the employee can take a photo.


Now add in a description for the claim before tapping "Submit":

Once an expense claim is submitted, managers get an email notification and employees will get a notification on their phone letting them know when expense claims have been approved.

Finally, employees can review their expense claims in WorkZone so they’ll have a quick and easy way to see what expense claims have been paid and which ones are outstanding.

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know via support@yourpayroll.com.au









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